New 2023 Nissan Z Review

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For a car named after the last letter of the alphabet, the Z-car got off to a strong start.

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nissan z 2023

The price is $41,015 and the performance is $51,015. There’s also a special paint and trim release called the Proto priced at $54,015 but capped at 240 units

2023 Nissan z price

2023 Nissan z price

The new Z is 4.9 inches longer than before, and all the added length is in the nose. This is necessary because the twin-turbo V-6

2023 Nissan Z Dimensions

The new Nissan z coming

In the 2023 Z new first and second gear synchros are designed to help handle the powerful twin-turbo engine

2023 nissan z
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It all adds up to a Model Z that grips tenaciously on the track, with approachable limits that are easy to kiss and correct. 

nissan z release date

The 2023 Z will be available in a choice of three interior colors: black, red and blue. The Z Proto Spec will have its own black interior with yellow accents.

Nissan z 2023 Interior

Length, 4379 mm (172.4 inches).Width 1844 mm (72.6 inches).Wheelbase, 2550 mm (100.39 inches).Height, 1316 mm (51.81 inches).

Nissan Z 2023 Dimensions

The new Nissan z coming

Strengthening the connection, the gear shift mechanism has been redesigned for a more immediate positive feel.


2023 nissan z

The Z’s cabin interior is nearly the same size as the 370Z, which isn’t a bad thing. The steering wheel is now retractable to improve your chances of finding a good driving position

nissan z 2023 test drive

The body structure has higher torsional stiffness, but the suspension pickup points are unchanged.

2023 nissan z test drive