Chevrolet Colorado 2022

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The Chevrolet Colorado

 Is a pickup truck that was first introduced in 2004. Chevy Colorado Midsize Truck. The current model is the third generation of the Colorado,

Which was introduced for the 2015 model year. The 2022 Colorado is expected to be a carryover from the 2021 model year.

Chevrolet Colorado 2022

Chevrolet Colorado What’s new

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Chevrolet’s mid-size truck

After some minor changes last year, the Chevrolet Colorado will move on with a fuss-free 2022.


Gasoline V6 and diesel four-cylinder engines outperform competitors
Workable size and courteous steering and handling
Comfortable ride over most surfaces

Simple, easy-to-use cabin controls

Chevy Colorado Price


Front seats may be restrictive for larger people
Competitors offer more in-cab storage with rear seats folded
Low-hanging front air dam limits off-road potential

Chevrolet Colorado

Read our expert ratings for a more in-depth analysis of Colorado’s strengths and our impressions of over 50,000 people living with Colorado mile.

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Colorado Fuel Economy

2022 Chevy Colorado: Midsize Truck

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