2022 Toyota Prius Review ,Prices

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The Toyota Prius

 is a hybrid gas-electric car that has been on the market since 1997. The Prius is known for its excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

The 2022 Toyota Prius

will be available in three different trim levels: LE XLE and Limited. The LE trim will start at $24,325

The 2022 Toyota

Toyota prius redesign

Prius is still a very efficient hatchback but it’s no longer the must-have hybrid it once was. Its wedge-shaped design is designed to maximize fuel economy

2022 toyota prius prime

What’s New for 2022 toyota prius prime?

The Prius lineup adds a night-color model, which is available in three different metallic colors: Silver Ultra White and Midnight Black. 

The Toyota Prius

It comes with black 17-inch wheels for front-drive models and 15-inch wheels with black lug nuts for all-wheel-drive models. 

toyota prius prime

2022 toyota prius price

While its power-adjustable seat heating pads and steering wheel extended proximity key functionality and smartphone charging pad appeal to us

Toyota Prius Price

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

According to the EPA, the most frugal Prius Eco earns 58 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway. 

2022 toyota prius interior

Even with the Prius clad in luxurious leather, we’d still question the center-mounted info gauge, which demands more driver attention than a traditional setup.

toyota prius mpg

Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

The Prius comes standard with driver-assist technology that many rivals offer only through option packages and upper trim levels. 

toyota prius review

2022 toyota prius prime review

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