2022 Toyota Corolla Review & Performance

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Toyota Corolla Review

The 2022 Toyota Corolla is an affordable and attractive compact car with standard active safety features.The Corolla has a comfortable ride quality and a sporty version of its own

2022 Toyota Corolla Space

Toyota Corolla Space

The Corolla has 13.1 cubic feet of boot space, slightly less than compact sedan average. A load of groceries or a few carry On suitcases will fit, but larger items will require folding the rear seats

 Toyota Corolla Quality

The main focus is the Corolla’s tablet-style infotainment touchscreen, which stands out, protrudes upwards from the dashboard.

2022 Toyota Corolla Interior

Toyota Corolla Interior

Toyota Corolla Engine

The Corolla use s a 139-horsepower 1.8 litter four-cylinder engine that sends power to the front wheels via a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

2022 Toyota Corolla Fuel Economy and MPG

The Corolla sedan also offers a very frugal hybrid model. The EPA estimates the hybrid will get 53 mpg city and 52 mpg highway. 

2022 Toyota Corolla Performance

2022 Corolla Performance

2022 Toyota Corolla Price

The 2022 Toyota Corolla starts at $20,075 about the average price for a compact sedan. The top-of-the-line Corolla XSE Apex Edition climbs to $28,360.

2022 Toyota Corolla models

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