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2022 GMC
Hummer EV

 Few vehicles are as instantly recognizable as the military AM General HMMWV, which certainly spawned General Motors’ Hummer division

New hummer EV price

GMC sees the electric Hummer as the super truck of the future , a line of SUVs and trucks sold in the 1990s and 2000s.

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GMC Hummer

The brand died in 2010 falling victim to a global economic downturn and growing ecological problems, but the name Will return to the 2022 GMC Hummer EV unveiled today.

When does the Hummer EV go on sale?

Pricing images range and specs

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Can I pre-order the Hummer EV?

The online pre-order bank opened shortly after the GMC Hummer EV officially debuted for $100.

What’s the price of the Hummer EV?

The loaded version 1 sells for $112,595 and is the only one available for the 2022 model year. 

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Other trims will follow over the next three years culminating in a two-motor base model priced at $79,995.

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What’s the range of the Hummer EV?

GMC claims a maximum range of more than 350 miles provided by the three electric motors and Ultium battery with an unproven capacity.

the super truck of the future.

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