Rumor : Nissan gtr r36 Won’t Be a Hybrid

There’s been a lot of speculation lately about the Nissan gtr r36, the particular supercar at the end of the road in its home country. As the car approaches its 15th birthday, it’s really long overdue for a replacement, but what will it look like?

We already know it won’t be an all-electric car yet, and many rumors suggest it will be hybrid to help meet emissions and performance goals. However, the same outlet that Japanese publication Best Car originally claimed the hybrid powertrain rumors is now Says the R36 will be purely combustion powered.

Nissan gtr r36

Nissan confirmed back in 2018 that it had begun work on the R36, saying at the time that it wanted the new GT-R to be the fastest supercar in the world. Seems like a big challenge for Nissan as electrification makes competition tougher than ever overcome, we can’t help but doubt the validity of this rumor.

Nissan gtr r36

Late last year, Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida said: “We’re looking at how to electrify. The GT-R is a professional machine, and we need to develop it for the future.

Still, he did confirm that the V6 engine will remain in the R36.

All of these factors suggest that the R36 GT-R will essentially be a massively reworked version of the existing R35, much like the Nissan Z is heavily based on the earlier 370Z, even sharing its chassis code.

Nissan gtr r36

Overhauling the R35 without fundamentally changing its DNA could save Nissan some cash in the short term, but the move to electrification is inevitable, and Nissan may launch the R36 as its eventual burn-only GT-R, just to Bring more money before revealing one Hybrid or electric successor with an all-new platform.

That could prove problematic as other automakers lead the way in electric sports cars. In any case, we’ll have to wait directly for more news from Nissan, as this new rumor suggests the R36 may only arrive in spring or summer 2023.

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