2022 Tesla Model 3 Full Reviews, Performance And Prices

The all-new Tesla Model 3 is an electric car with plenty of performance and luxury features. It’s also one of the most expensive cars on the market with a starting price of $79,990. But is it worth the high price tag? We take a full look at the Model 3 in our 2022 Tesla Model 3 Full Review.

The Tesla Model 3 is the US manufacturer’s first affordable model after the pricey Model S sedan and Model X SUV showed the world what the emerging electric car brand can do.

As standard, you get a rear-wheel-drive four-door executive sedan with more than 300 miles on a single charge. There are also two four-wheel-drive options with larger battery packs and higher performance. At the end of 2020

Tesla Model 3 Reviews

Tesla Model 3 Reviews
2022 Tesla Model 3 Reviews

The 2022 Tesla Model 3 is the smallest and most affordable offering from the California-based all-electric auto-maker. After several updates for 2021 including an upgraded interior that adds a full-charge range and other standard features Tesla has pretty much kept it.​​​

The same goes for the 2022 Model 3. There are some small upgrades like a faster processor for the infotainment system but overall the Model 3’s key attributes remain its excellent range strong performance and a comfortable spacious interior.

The Model 3’s combination of performance and efficiency is unmatched by other EVs and its technology remains impressive. It’s only hampered by build quality issues and has a TCC rating of 7.5 out of 10

The Model 3 was updated inside and out with minor cosmetic changes Technological upgrades to make life better. This is very timely considering the Model 3 now faces many competitors such as the Polestar 2 BMW i4 And Hyundai Ioniq 5 .

Tesla Model 3 Space

The Tesla Model 3 has a total of 23 cubic feet of cargo space which is more than enough for a luxury electric car. This space is divided into the main trunk where most of the space is located and a small front trunk or trunk under the hood. This Tesla can seat up to five people.

There’s plenty of room up front and the seats feel comfortable even after hours of driving. Critics have mixed reviews for the rear with some saying there areis plenty of room but others noting it’s cramped.

The sedan has two complete sets of LATCH connectors for the rear outboard seats and a tether anchor for the rear centre of the seat.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rated this LATCH system the second-highest rating of “Acceptable” for its ease of use as the lower anchor points are deeply seated in the seat.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla Model 3 Interior
2022 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Even if you get close to the Tesla Model 3’s interior it’s clear that the car does things differently. Without a key you can use an RFID card (see below) or you can access the car from your smartphone. In our testing we ended up shaking cards up and down the B-pillar to find the secret discovered too often –

And then had to repeat the process on the centre console before the car started. This seems like a step backwards from the Model S’s traditional keyless key fob (but if you put the pre-configured phone in the right holder it could be detoured) We’re sure the owners will adapt quickly.

Also note the unusual thin chrome door handles. There’s no automatic pop-up drama here: you tap one end to push the rest of the handle out to open it manually. They also open differently from the inside – with a simple door switch that looks like a power window button.

This is a spacious and minimalist cabin. The windscreen is panoramic, and the sunroof is low which means you can get a clear view ahead even if you’re not sitting high. That full-length glass skylight makes it bright and airy and the floor is remarkably flat.

There are no buttons on the centre console just a pair of roller knobs on the steering wheel four window switches on the doors and (buried in the seats) the usual power backrest and cushion adjusters. It’s neat and cute – if you like to control everything via the touchscreen.

Tesla Model 3 Comfort
2022 Tesla Model 3 Comfort

Happily the Tesla Model 3’s 15-inch screen is remarkably high-resolution, and the logic is accurate even if you have to understand the intricacies first (we stumbled on adjusting the door mirrors for a full five minutes. …).

Infotainment, Bluetooth, and Navigation

The 15-inch touchscreen controls almost everything in this car including activating the windscreen wipers and adjusting the air vents. It has crisp graphics and is easy to read but navigating through submenus can be distracting especially while driving. In addition, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available.

  • Standard infotainment features: 15-inch touchscreen Bluetooth Wi-Fi hotspot navigation Four USB ports Wireless device charging and HD radio
  • Available infotainment features: 14-speaker sound system
  • Additional standard features: dual-zone automatic climate control and panoramic glass roof

Tesla Model 3 Technology

The Model 3’s navigation display is impressive for its size, and it’s one of the few models that pulls Google Maps data in real time. This sometimes means jagged information in areas of poor reception, but the interface is easy to use.

Autopilot Traffic Aware Cruise and Lane The management system is one of the best out there with cruise control even slowing down when approaching a corner (albeit a little too conservative at times).

Tesla Model 3 Technology
2022 Tesla Model 3 Technology

Compared to many competitors the Model 3’s lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto puts it at a disadvantage. Bluetooth is the only way to bring your smartphone into the audio environment, and it’s not always as stable as connecting via USB.

Tesla Model 3 Storage

Thanks to wide pass-thru aisles and SUV-like folding rear seats the Model 3’s trunk can hold far more than you might expect. The stated capacity of the trunk (15 cubic feet) isn’t all that impressive compared to the space of other mainstream EVs,

But we were surprised by how well it performed For example it can fit an oversized mountain bike. The Model 3 is also one of the few vehicles in the segment to offer 2.7 cubic feet of volume in the front boot, but.

Storage space in the cabin is pretty decent. However, the front cupholders don’t have anti-tipping labels so smaller cups and bottles can wobble.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla Model 3 Performance
2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Performance is ridiculous: The word “ridiculous” isn’t used on the Model 3, but this model feels as quick as its claimed 3.1-second 0-60 mph. Rolling into the horizon at warp speed at full throttle accelerating thrust with a silent spin is addictive.

Looking at the specs below even the average Tesla is quick with 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds for the entry-level Model 3 and 4.2 seconds for the long range. Top products are so crazy.

Steering is sublime – beautifully weighted and remarkably accurate. Plus it’s one of the fastest bogies we’ve experienced on a mainstream sedan since the original Alfa Romeo 156; it brings agility to the way the Model 3 drives. You can customize the steering weight to Personal preference, but European tastes are probably closest to the firmest setting in Track Mode.

Equally impressive is the handling. You think it goes into a corner, and it rushes to the apex with all the precision of a Ferrari V8. It’s very responsive but doesn’t feel jittery or jittery when cruising on the highway.

Feels like a UK size – a nice compact shape Not too bulky for busy UK roads. While its agility is impeccable (impressive for a 1800 kg sedan) even on 20-inch wheels its ride quality is on the right-hand side with good damping and plenty of compliance.

Tesla Model 3 Motor

Tesla Model 3 Motor

Tesla doesn’t use horsepower kilowatt-hours or gas engine displacement to differentiate its models. Each trim has its own motor, and they’re all capable of everyday driving. Acceleration comes from stopping and accelerating the car.

Tesla Model 3 MPG

This Tesla has excellent fuel efficiency. The rear-wheel-drive model earns EPA ratings of 138 MPG in the city and 126 MPGe on the highway. Those numbers drop to 134 and 126 MPGe with long range and 118 and 107 MPGe with performance.

How Does Take to Charge Tesla Model 3

You can charge this car using a 120-volt household outlet, but we don’t recommend it. Doing so will add about 3 miles per hour of range, and it may take a few days to fully charge the battery.

Use a 240-volt outlet or Tesla’s wall connector to shorten A full charge takes between 10 and 11.5 hours depending on trim. Tesla’s Supercharger can restore 175 miles of range in 15 minutes.

How Does Take to Charge Tesla Model 3

How Long Will Battery Last Tesla Model 3

Many conditions can affect battery life, so it’s difficult to provide a definitive answer about battery life. However, it is estimated that a single Tesla battery can last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles.

To maximize battery life Tesla recommends that you’re However, Not going to drive.

Tesla Model 3 Top Speed

The fastest Model 3 performance models can go from 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds – a figure that dwarfs many other performance sedans.

Given its range and efficiency even the long-range version of the Model 3 can do it in an impressive 4.2 seconds. More basic models 0 to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds though it lacks a motor.

Tesla Model 3 Models
Tesla Model 3 Models

From behind the wheel each still delivers Tesla’s signature quick instant torque. Any rapid depressing of the gas pedal should warn the passenger.

The Performance puts out 450 hp and 471 lb-ft of torque enough to spin the tires around every corner, but Electronics keep things consistent. Total output for the long-range model is 346 horsepower and 389 pound-feet of torque. As of this writing there are no power figures for the base model.

Tesla Model 3 Models

The Tesla Model 3 is a small all-electric sedan available in three trim levels: Base Long Range and Performance. The trio varies in range and acceleration. Note that Tesla provides rolling updates for its cars not by model year so features and scope may vary from actual As shown below.

Tesla Model 3 Prices

The entry-level Model 3 has a base MSRP of $44,990 which is very affordable for a luxury EV. Even the top-of-the-line performance model which retails at $58,990 is tens of thousands of dollars below the starting price of other electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S.

2022 Tesla Model 3 Specifications
2022 Tesla Model 3 Specifications

In our luxury EV rankings the Tesla Model 3 sets itself apart from other vehicles with its wide electric range affordable base price and high safety score. Plus this Tesla has a minimalist but refined cabin plenty of trunk space sporty handling and liveliness acceleration.

There are a few hiccups like its sophisticated touchscreen infotainment system and compact rear seat but overall this Tesla is an EV worth considering. The Tesla Model 3 is an all-electric compact sedan that was first introduced in 2016. It’s the smaller and more affordable sibling to the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

The Model 3 has a range of up to 322 miles on a single charge and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in as little as 3.2 seconds. Prices start at $36,490.

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