Check Out These Insane Custom Trucks That Blend Power and Personality Together

From YouTube channel Barcroft Cars, comes a segment titled Ridiculous Rides which showcases some of the most extreme customized vehicles.

In the video, the owners of several unique custom rides modernized for today go over what it took to get the vehicles to their current condition.

Vehicles in the video include a Dodge Power Wagon, custom DeSoto station wagon, lowered Ford Econoline van and a Hummer H2 that is essentially a mobile sound studio.

Check out the video to see these insane cars described by their owners.

Ridiculous Rides: The World’s Most Amazing Custom Trucks

The first vehicle is a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon, restored by a man named Winslow who has been restoring Power Wagons since 2008 – the restoration of the classic Dodge trucks stems from a childhood passion when his dad owned one.

The Power Wagon first made its way to Dodge assembly lines just after World War II ended and remained in production until the late 60s.

For the Power Wagon in the video, fully modernized with its original charm intact, it has a Cummins 4BT engine, outputs 350 horsepower, has an 80 MPH top speed and 40″ tires.

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This Power Wagon is the 118th conversion that Winslow has completed; with a goal of having a modern interior with a fully capable Power Wagon that doesn’t lose the truck’s original styling and overall look.

The truck is capable enough to go out in the woods but smooth enough to go on any paved road.

It has power running boards that deploy when the door opens and Marine-grade mahogany wood in the bed, in addition it has a five-speed manual transmission and a front and rear locking differential, meaning it has true four-wheel drive.

The Classic DeSoto Wagon Is “Alternative But Imperfect”

Next up is a customized DeSoto wagon described as: “Alternative but imperfect” which is the goal of owner Jonathan Ward who wants a classic car that he doesn’t have to worry about getting scratched or damaged.

The wagon is a mashup of two cars and is technically a Chrysler Town and Country wagon with the front end of a DeSoto sedan.

If you were to look anywhere inside or out of the car, it would look very authentic, but it is actually very modern behind it all.

The car was a 3,000-hour build in total and has some unique touches like a 1800s whiskey bottle for the overflow reservoir.

Each car Ward’s shop completes also has their signature lizard which sits atop the hood of the wagon – he describes the cars as “Derelicts” and they’ve received a lot of attention, he completes about 10 of the custom vehicles per year.

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Next up is a man named Gary who likes older cars with style and is not impressed with modern cars.

It’s no surprise that his 1967 Ford Econoline is unlike any you’ve seen before – he initially bought the van for $1,000 after seeing it parked on the side of the road and clearly not regularly used by its owner.

The van now has a 4.8L Chevy engine that outputs 300 horsepower with a 6-speed automatic transmission and top speed of 120 MPH.

The paint job is custom, completed by a friend of his and the van is now a low rider, which is uncommon among classic vans.

Adding to its uniqueness, it also has a 6-foot-long hole cut in the roof opening it up to the sun.

Last up, Rafael of Soul Asylum Studios goes into detail on his modified Soul Asylum Hummer H2, the insane SUV has 86 speakers with a major prioritization of high quality sound over just loudness.

The Hummer gets used for promotions, and they go to an average of 100 car shows per year, often winning awards – the H2 isn’t Rafael’s first custom vehicle of this type, he had another in the early 90s that he used at the time for his studio.

The H2 has a custom red chrome wrap with matching red chrome wheels. It has a top speed of 105 MPH and LED lighting inside and out.

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