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Get Authentic Route 66 Eats At Joliet’s Ace Drive-In – Shaw Local

Get Authentic Route 66 Eats At Joliet's Ace Drive-In – Shaw Local

Visitors might not know about the Midwest Breaded Pork Tenderloin, but one bite and they’ll be hooked. Known affectionately as the ‘BPT’ these pounded, deep-fried beauties have become sought after by aficionados. Rated, reviewed and discussed endlessly as to its origin (some say Indianna), we nevertheless have our share of Joliet gems.

Ace Drive-In

1207 Plainfield Road Joliet, IL


When you spy a classic orange and black sign, you know you’ve found your own slice of Americana here at Ace Drive-In. Serving the Joliet and surrounding communities since 1949, they feature many throwback favorites that you and your grandparents loved.

Enjoy a root beer in an ice-cold mug or take some home, available by the ½ and full gallon. Add ice cream and make it a classic ‘Black Cow’. But why we’re really here is for the breaded pork tenderloins served up with a bun or French bread. These hand pounded, deep fried delights are traditionally dressed with ketchup, mustard and dill pickles, but some swear by additional condiments like tomato and melted cheese.

Whatever your choice, Ace Drive-In always gets rave reviews from a multitude of generations. Join them every Thursday, June-August from 4-8pm for cruise night. This is the real drive-in deal with car hop and picnic table service, no indoor dining, no credit cards.

Hours: Daily 11am-8pm Sunday Noon-8pm

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