2022 Ford GT Review, Interior, Price, Value and Specs

The 2022 Ford GT is a stunning supercar with world-class performance. It’s also one of the most expensive cars on the market, with a starting price of over $500,000. But for that money you get a beautifully designed and engineered car that’s capable of incredible speeds. The GT is also surprisingly practical, with a spacious interior and plenty of storage space. If you can afford it, the Ford GT is an excellent choice.

2022 Ford GT review

For anyone who wants to drive a legal road-use race car, just raise around $500,000 and somehow get a chance to buy a 2022 Ford GT. Its stunning bodywork pays homage to the iconic GT40 race car that dominated Le Mans in the 1960s, The design and engineering department of the Blue Oval.

While the Ford F-150 also features a twin-turbocharged 3.5-litter V-6 it certainly doesn’t make 660 horsepower and sounds like a bunch of full-throttle demons. When the GT’s gas pedal hits the proverbial metal it should be on the track – because safety but safety reasons yes, but safety also really appreciate its relentless acceleration lively steering and unrelenting carbon-ceramic brakes.

2022 Ford GT review

Amazingly, its racing suspension can be adjusted to a comfortable level on regular roads. However, its cockpit is barren to avoid distractions and Difficult to get in and out, so don’t mistake it for a daily driver.

Sure, the overpriced Ford GT won’t impress Ferrari and McLaren owners with its raw performance figures, but it will shock and awe anyone lucky enough to drive it.

2022 Ford GT Engine and Performance

Unlike the supercharged V8 of the previous-generation GT, the new car features a twin-turbocharged 3.5 litter V6 similar to the Ford F150 Raptor producing 660 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque with the V6 mated to seven twin engines. Automatic transmission clutch.

While the last version we tested lost a few horses, it still delivered decent acceleration times for the supercar. Driving the GT is surprisingly easy, and the big car feels light and nimble from behind the wheel.

2022 Ford GT Engine
2022 Ford GT review

Despite the performance potential, the ride isn’t as strenuous as you might think. The suspension ride is only briefly choppy on minor bumps, but it still has some serious effects on the cabin.

The 2022 Ford GT will continue to be powered by a 3.5 litter twin-turbo V6, producing 660 horsepower equivalent and 550 pound-feet of torque. The engine is mated to a lightning-fast 7-speed automatic transmission, and all power goes to the rear wheels.

The engine is nothing short of a roaring beast behind the passenger seat and yes Ford’s approach is a bit outlandish for a field with few serious contenders with its fire-breathing V8 and V12 engines barely there.

Regardless of rear-wheel configuration, the Ford GT is capable of 0-60 MPH and quarter-mile times of 3 seconds and 10.8 seconds. A 7-speed dual-clutch helps smooth quick acceleration with lightning-quick shifts.

Before the emotional outbursts, we agree that the typical Ford GT V6 is underpowered in the big-displacement, high-revving engine class of 8-cylinder or more. The 2021 McLaren 720S is faster and more powerful than the Ford GT. This is also achievable compared to the unique GT.

2022 Ford GT specs

The old-school Lamborghini Aventador on the other hand offered incredible acceleration and all-wheel-drive confidence to roll through corners and chew through rivals on straights. But Ferrari was the busiest of the bunch. Despite managing a 3.3-second 0-60 mph sprint; Ferrari F8 Tribute, More powerful and more affordable than the very expensive Ford GT.

2022 Ford GT Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

Conserving fossil fuels is the lowest priority when it comes to supercars. However, the Ford GT is one of the most potent examples. The EPA estimates it will get 12 mpg city and 18 mpg highway.

Compared to gas guzzlers like the Bugatti Chiron (9/15 mpg city/highway) and Lamborghinis Aventador (9/14 mpg city/highway). Again, the Ford has 6 fewer cylinders than the Lambo and 10 fewer than the Bugatti.

Since we didn’t test any of these high-priced machines on our 75-mph fuel economy route, which was not part of our extensive testing regimen, we couldn’t evaluate their real world mpg. For more information on GT fuel economy, visit the EPA website.

2022 Ford GT Interior and Cargo

2022 Ford GT Interior
2022 Ford GT Interior

The interior is equally striking, but for a different reason: it’s very minimalistic and driver-focused, with nearly all controls relegated to a racing-style steering wheel. It’s a challenge to get in, but once you’re there you’ll notice that the driver’s seat doesn’t Adjustment.

Instead, but Ford designed the pedals and steering wheel to accommodate the driver’s position on the fixed seat. The instrument cluster looks as if it was taken straight out of a Ford GT race car, with another digital display embedded into the suede-wrapped instrument panel and controlling the infotainment Function.

2022 Ford GT Exterior

No changes are expected to the 2022 Ford GT’s exterior, either. That means it will continue to look stunning and stunning. The front will feature a blue oval “Ford” badge on the hood, which also features a twin hood scoop. A stylish headlight with integrated LED DRL will also remain in the front.

2022 Ford GT Exterior
2022 Ford GT Exterior

From the side, no one would have difficulty recognizing the unique and complex aerodynamic elements, such as “large flight-supporting side body struts and wide front and rear fenders.

These elements are all inherited from the legendary GT40 itself. Buyers looking to show off their money and the 2022 Ford GT can opt for the “Liquid Carbon” package, which showcases all the carbon fibre used in the body and is protected by a clear coat.

All of these cars have their own quirks, but each one is sure to catch the eye before you hit the pedal to show off the roar of the engine. Among its competitors, the Lamborghini Aventador S is the heaviest, while the McLaren is the lightest.

2022 Ford GT Infotainment and Connectivity

With the priority on driving the GT, it doesn’t offer the infotainment and connectivity features that most modern cars do. It still has a 6.5-inch touchscreen that supports Ford’s Sync 3 software. It also responds to voice commands and provides built-in navigation for those who need it to take a road trip to this $500,000 machine.

What’s New for Ford GT 2022

The 2022 Ford GT stands out because it’s the last model year of a limited-production road race car. As a farewell to the fantastic machine introduced in 2017 and a further tribute to the five original GT prototypes that produced the Le Mans championship, Ford has introduced the 2022 GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Editions.

2022 Ford GT Design

Designed to mimic the first GT/101 prototype, this special edition livery features Wimbledon White paint and plenty of Antimatter Blue exterior detailing. These extend from the racing stripes on the roof to the 20-inch carbon fibre wheels. In –

The carbon fibre seats and dashboard are partially covered in Light speed Blue micro-suede to match the same type of material, but the steering wheel and headliner are black

2022 Ford GT Price

Ford hasn’t released official pricing for the 2022 GT, but we expect the supercar to continue to start at $500,000. While that means most of us will never own that exotic Ford, it’s still fun to dream about and play around with the configurator. On the consumer website.

2022 Ford GT Price
2022 Ford GT Price

We love the Frozen White exterior colour fibre paired with the Lightning Blue stripes that cover the top of the car. We’ll also opt for a glossy carbon fibre primer and 20-inch alloy wheels for extra boldness.

A set of blue brake calipers complete the exterior and interior, and we’re drawn to the Light Speed ​​interior, which covers the cabin in a mix of black leather and blue faux suede surfaces.

Base $500,000 (approx.)


2022 Ford GT Specifications

The GT is a spiritual successor to the original Ford GT40 race car that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four times in a row from 1966 to 1969. That car was developed to exact revenge on Ferrari, which had beaten Ford at Le Mans in 1965.

The new GT is a modern interpretation of that original car, and it’s been updated with the latest technology and engineering.

2022 Ford GT horsepower

The GT is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.5 litter V6 engine that produces 647 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and it has rear-wheel drive. The GT has a carbon fibre body, and it weighs just 3,054 pounds.

The GT is offered in two trim levels: base and Competition Series. The base model comes standard with features like 20-inch wheels Brymbo brakes an adaptive suspension an electronics package with navigation launch control and

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