2023 Mazda CX-50: The Future of Luxury SUVs

The all-new 2023 Mazda CX-50 is the perfect SUV for those who want style, comfort and performance. With its sleek design, comfortable interior and powerful engine, the CX-50 is sure to turn heads. And with its advanced safety features, the CX-50 is perfect for families. So if you’re looking for an SUV that has it all, look no further than the Mazda CX-50.

2023 Mazda CX 50 Review

What is the CX-50?

2023 mazda cx 50

At first, it seemed odd for Mazda to introduce the 2023 CX-50. The all-new small SUV shares showroom space with the existing similarly sized CX-5 SUV. Then again, with vehicle inventory so low right now, maybe there are other models to sell with commendable, The CX-5 is a great idea.

How does the CX-50 drive?

The 2023 CX-50 will be the first Mazda model to be built from the new Huntsville, Alabama plant, a joint venture with Toyota. You can choose between the base 2.5 litter four-cylinder engine (187 hp 186 lb-ft of torque) and a turbocharged version (256 hp 320 lb-ft on 93-octane fuel) or 227 hp 310 lb-ft on 87 octane) These are the same engines offered in the CX-5 and are paired to a six-speed automatic transmission with standard all-wheel drive.

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How comfortable is the CX-50?

The CX-50’s superb handling comes at a price, and it’s a very solid ride quality. In fact, we think the typical driver would find it too stiff. You feel every imperfection in the road, and the undulations cause some fairly noticeable bumps.

How’s the CX-50’s interior?

2023 mazda cx 50 release date

Today, many new cars feature sleek high-tech cockpits with large touchscreen digital gauges and minimal buttons. But the Mazda CX-50 sticks to a simple style — and we’re happy about it. Mazda puts the driving experience first, t aiming to minimize the technical or other features. The interior design with a wide horizontal instrument panel and a small infotainment display at the top shares many similarities with the CX-5.

How’s the CX-50’s tech?

Technology isn’t a priority like some other SUVs. That said, the technical features available, but the display also functions as a touchscreen. Touchscreen functionality is best when you integrate your phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, both of which operate wirelessly.

How is the storage and towing of the CX-50?

Behind the rear seat seats, the CX-50 can hold up to 31.4 cubic feet of cargo. That’s slightly better than the CX-5 but a lot smaller than other SUVs in its class. By comparison, the Honda CR-V holds up to 39.2 cubic feet. The space itself is narrower and longer than the CX-5 What Mazda says should be a plus for adventurous owners and their gear.

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How economical is the CX-50?

Mazda estimates the base engine will return 27MPGg (24 city/27 highway) and drop the turbo to 25 MPG (23 city/29 highway). Those numbers are miles below other competing SUVs. The all-wheel-drive Subaru Forester for Forester, an example, gets 29 MPG combined.

2023 Mazda CX-50 Review

Mazda strives to deliver more performance and refinement than the competition, and the CX-50 doesn’t disappoint. Enhanced off-road capability is also a welcome bonus. But for some, the solid ride quality can be prohibitive, so we recommend a thorough test drive before deciding to buy.

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