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CHAdeMO charging the best way to charge your electric car

How easy it is to use CHAdeMO charging is a fast charging DC standard that allows fast charging of the Nissan Leaf Toyota Prius Plug-In and many other models

What is CHAdeMO charging?

If you’ve ever stopped at a charging station, you’ve probably noticed that there are many charging cable options available for electric vehicles. This is because electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) cannot be charged at a single standard plug-in or charging speed —or at least not yet.

leaf chademo adapter

CHAdeMO port

Therefore stations are often equipped with different connectors to accommodate different cars and charging requirements. One of these connectors is the CHAdeMO standard a fast-charging DC connector featured on some models. Fast charging is the fastest way to charge an electric vehicle battery.

What is CHAdeMO?

To understand what CHAdeMO is you first need to understand how fast charging works. EVs and PHEVs have several different charging speeds. They start at a low charge rate of 2 or 3kW and go up to 7kW rates from a three-pin socket at home for more advanced “wallbox” charging unit. Some home and public charging installations also have faster 22kW charging rates; these are called fast chargers. The more power the charger provides the faster the car battery will be charged.

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Then there are the fast charging stations. Thanks to advances in battery and charging technology, these stations can be powered faster. Fast AC stations operate at 43kW, while fast DC stations supply 50kW or more – often 150kW or even 350kW today.

The key here is that electric cars use direct current (direct current) to power the motors while the UK’s grid supplies alternating current (alternating current). When charging from a home AC charger the electric car’s internal converter (rectifier) ​​turns the AC power into DC power and the car can then use. Fast DC chargers switch between charges. This means that the charging station provides direct current to the vehicle without first converting the alternating current to direct current.

chademo charger near me

chademo charger near me

CHAdeMO is a fast charging DC standard developed by Japanese companies such as Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi and other Japanese companies in 2010. It is the abbreviation of Charge de Move. The idea is to create a charging standard that will be adopted in the automotive industry as well as other industries Rely on direct current charging. It became the first-ever fast-charging platform for electric vehicles and now ranges from 6kW to 150kW – although the current maximum available power for electric vehicles is 50kW.

Which cars currently work with CHAdeMO?

Since CHAdeMO was created by Nissan Mitsubishi Toyota Fuki and Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japanese automakers are among the biggest adopters of CHAdeMO technology.

In the UK, cars that can be fast charged using the CHAdeMO connector include the Nissan Leaf Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Toyota Prius Plug-in Tesla Model S (when equipped with adapter) Nissan e-NV200 Kia Soul EV Mk1 Citroën Berlingo Electric Mk1 Citroën C-Zero and LEVC London Taxi.

Is CHAdeMO the only fast charging standard?

If you use the charging type filter on the Zap Map you will notice that all charging stations with CHAdeMO connectors also have CCS fast charging connectors.

This is a competitive fast DC connector standard developed by several German car manufacturers. it stands for combined charging system And launched in 2012 by Volkswagen Audi BMW Benz GM Ford Daimler and Porsche.

chademo to tesla

The CCS standard is more popular than CHAdeMO in Europe as automakers such as Volkswagen BMW and Mercedes continue to bring new electric models to the market.

Recent models from Asian brands such as Hyundai Kona Electric also use the CCS charging standard. it has It quickly became the standard for nearly every electric vehicle in Europe surpassing CHAdeMo in the process.

Should I pay special attention to cars with CCS or CHAdeMO connector capabilities?

chademo tesla adapter

It depends on whether you want fast charging. If you’re happy to be able to charge at a lower speed and take longer to charge your vehicle, then you don’t necessarily need a car with CCS or CHAdeMO connector capabilities. 7kW Type 2 charger for easy top-up Overnight cars if EVs are only used for small trips every day, there is little need to invest in cars that can charge quickly. Currently, all fast charging stations are equipped with CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, so vehicle selection is based on whether the vehicle has one or the other no need.

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