New 2022 Ford F-150 Electric EV

Almost Efficient Connected Intelligent F-150 Ever. Power needed for road work and home. Mega Power Frank Smart Range Charging Car Scale Smart Hitch Blue Cruise. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning First Drive: An Immortal Electric Pickup Truck.

Ford knew its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck was going to be one of the most important vehicles in history, so it didn’t miss out. Over-the-airProposer software download Enhanced ProPower Onboard Mega Power Frunk storage.history,

ford f-150-lightning Full Overview

ford full electric truck
ford full electric truck

Pickup trucks have had the longest transition to EVs and for good reason. Their use cases are more diverse and challenging than anything a car or SUV handles. They need to tow and off-road and commute and these need to be fundamentally Different skill sets. They’re also the best-selling cars in America and a huge profit and loyalty center for their manufacturers. Ford absolutely has to get its first electric truck right and the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning does it well.

No kidding: The Lightning is one of the most important pickup trucks in history — a vehicle really. Forget early adopters environmentalists and tech enthusiasts. This truck has to convince construction workers farmers ranchers surveyors and everyday truck fans that electric pickups are more than just Feasible but desirable. Electric trucks can not only get the job done they can do it better. It does so.

For brass tacks the Lightning is the best ride best ride and best handling F-150 you can buy. The only reason not to buy a gasoline or diesel powered F-150 is that you have nowhere to charge at home you are actually towing hundreds of miles at a time on a regular basis or you just Don’t like — or won’t let yourself like — electric cars. All other reasons are invalid.

Power on Power

ford f 150 electric vehicle
ford f 150 electric vehicle

You certainly can’t complain about power. Even the base truck with the small battery makes 452 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque making it a more powerful F-150 than the big-battery model and it can cook. Ford estimates a mid-5-second sprint to 60 mph wheel. It’s already as fast as the fastest combustion-powered F-150 and there’s no need to wait for the engine to turn the turbo to the reel or change gears. Any time you put your foot down it jumps forward.

And that 580 hp big battery bruiser? Ford says four to 60 but it also feels quicker than estimated. Put the hammer down and it even does torque steer lightly especially if you have weight on the bed or hooks. In fact put enough weight in the back – say 1500 lbs We hauled 67 percent of the maximum payload of plywood—it chirps from the front tires whenever you hit the throttle.

2022 Ford F-150 Electric EV

Aside from towing and hauling everything else is trivial. Instantaneous maximum torque means the truck can move any weight instantly; it doesn’t matter from stopping or rolling. We hauled 9,500 pounds of brewing equipment around Texas (500 pounds less than the truck’s max weight) To be sure Hill Country and Lightning barely noticed the weight. Yes hitting a trailer will basically cut your range in half but let’s talk about that. On the one hand Lightning can travel 230 to 320 miles on a charge depending on battery capacity so towing distance is still 115 to 160 miles A two to three hour drive. Second our experience and Ford’s gauge tests show that towing with a combustion-powered truck will also cut your mileage in half so it’s not a mileage issue it’s a charging issue. The good news is that trucks use everything from weather to terrain to Optional onboard scale to determine your instantaneous range.

Ford F 150 Electric 2022

What About Charging?

This is one of the few obvious weaknesses of the Bliksem. Its maximum charge rate of 150 kW is not as fast as the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV (the only other electric trucks currently on sale) and in some cases already exceeds 200 kW or even 300 kW. ford engineer They spend a lot of time working on charging curves to maintain charging speeds for as long as possible rather than peaking and drooping. As evidence they point to the ability of trucks to be able to charge up to 90% at higher speeds before tapering off while most EVs start to charge Tapered after 80%. They declined to disclose a potential future software update that could raise the rate.

The real issue with trailers is the current availability of public fast-charging stations especially the complete absence of drive-through stations where you can charge your trailer without putting it down. This is an infrastructure problem both private companies and governments are tackling Action but growing pains will continue until all planned Chargers are actually built.

Executed Very Nearly to Perfection

It’s worth noting how well Ford has done with what’s available. The Lightning is larger than the Rivian R1T but lighter and goes as far as a comparable battery pack. Additionally Ford made minimal aerodynamic changes to the F-150 body opting to maintain the truck’s appearance and function as much as possible. The 5.5-foot bed is functionally identical to the bed on other F-150 SuperCrews and accepts all the same aftermarket accessories. The trunk (front trunk) storage area is large and easy to load represented by a cheap looking block of shiny grey plastic The grille is a small price to pay for the feature. The same goes for milk glass light bars you can never be sure if it’s actually on during the day.

Returning to practicality thanks to its fully independent suspension near the ideal weight balance and low center of gravity all of which are inherent to it as an EV the Lightning is without a doubt the best ride and handling you can buy in the F- 150. We wouldn’t call Lightning a sporty one But its steering is sharper and its composure is vastly better than the combustion-powered F-Series truck.

2022 Ford F-150 Electric

Ford F-150 Electric
Ford F-150 Electric

Not that you can’t have fun with Lightning. If you want to turn off traction and stability control and spin a few donuts go for it. If the computer thinks the truck is in danger of overturning as in combustion power it steps in Model.

The itinerary is a bit complicated. Lightning is great on most surfaces. Especially off-road losing the heavy active rear axle does wonders for comfort. The truck feels calmer and more confident. The downside is damping. Big drop or long roll On bumps the truck becomes light and floaty as it bounces. Hit a stretch of highway with lots of expansion joints and it feels like the truck will never quite settle down. We would have hoped that putting the weight on the bed or hook would provide a remedy but it just takes away the advantage. ford engineer Air springs and adaptive dampers used by competitors were considered but decided not to use them based on customer feedback and cost targets.

Aside from off-road riding Lightning is clearly not meant to be an electric Raptor. It has 8.9 inches of ground clearance which is equivalent to a regular 4×4 F-150 with the FX4 Off-Road Package. That big low-hanging battery doesn’t do anything for the corners. That said the fine throttle control provided by the electric motor especially in off-road mode allows you to maximize traction at all times. It also allows for some pedal overlap which is crucial for smooth crawling. A manually lockable rear differential and brake-based torque vectoring will give you For the most part you can get trucks with this clearance and these optional mild all-terrain tires.

Battery Armor

Don’t worry too much about the battery either. It’s protected by a six-piece skid plate that runs almost the entire length of the truck. It’s also sealed giving the truck a 24-inch wading depth. If you manage to damage the battery or wear it out somewhere you can remove it from Just loosen eight bolts to bottom the truck.

How far the battery will take you off-road and anywhere else will of course depend on features like speed the temperature outside the terrain the weight of the driving style you’re carrying and whether you’re using the one-pedal drive mode. We are big fans of one-pedal driving Lifting the throttle activates significant regenerative braking. We don’t mind if the Lightning’s regenerative braking is more aggressive. If you prefer the brake pedal the feel and response are neither good nor bad. It’s pretty numb but it bites right away And had no problem stopping this 6200 to 6600 lb truck.

Nifty Tricks Like Home Power

ford f 150 electric price
ford f 150 electric price

Now that we’re back on the charging side we need to discuss Ford’s Pro Power Onboard and Charge Station Pro features since they’re definitely clutches. The first one you’re familiar with because it’s been on other F-150s but it’s a function worth repeating. A 9.6 kW power system Four 120-volt outlets in the bed and a 30-amp 240-volt outlet (plus four 120-volt plugs in the trunk and two in the cab) are game changers. Plenty of power tools and equipment (not to mention other EVs) that you can run and/or charge from a truck instead of a portable generator It’s a selling point in itself. This truck is a rolling workplace.

Ford F-150 Electric

The Charge Station Pro Level 2 charger that can be installed at home or in the office is the next level. It runs at 80 amps (most are much slower 30 to 50 amps) and is connected to the internet so it can track your electricity bills for the hours of use and charge the truck when it needs to cost you At least. Paired with an inverter from solar installer Sunrun (which will also sell you home backup batteries and solar panels) the Charge Station Pro can also use the electrical charge stored in lightning to reverse the current powering your entire home for extended periods of time during a power outage. for three days Full operation or up to 11 days while metering power output. (You can set a minimum battery level for the truck to preserve some driving range.) Under normal conditions the setting floats power between the truck and your home using the truck’s battery to replenish your home when grid power is low Expensive charge when it’s cheap. The charger and inverter are just $3895 and if you buy a large battery Ford provides the charger for free.

It’s just your house. Business owners can get a full commercial setup for a Ford Pro quote taking into account fleet size operating radius and operating hours. This way the truck can heat or cool the battery inside and the interior as needed at any time at the start of a shift. Maximize range and uptime. Ford estimates the Lightning Pro’s operating costs are 20 percent lower than the combustion-powered F-150.

A Great Deal, Except …

electric ford trucks for sale
Electric ford trucks for sale

Great deal because the actual pricing for the truck is more of a mixed bag. At just under $42,000 before government incentives Lightning Pro work trucks are the deal of the century. (Read our first drive review of the Lightning Pro here.) All of these features and abilities and all of them At this price especially when the average transaction price of a new car is close to $50,000 it’s an absolute bargain. Even the XLT at nearly $55,000 is a solid option. After that the proposal became more volatile.

Lariat and Platinum models add more high-tech features but it becomes a situation of diminishing returns. The Lightning’s interior is cleaned up nicely at the higher price but only to a point. We’re familiar with the $93,000 interior and so is Ford in its Lincoln division. Inside the Lightning Platinum isn’t a near-six-figure trim. Material quality isn’t there and the touchscreen in the $44,000 Mustang Mach-E doesn’t quite make up for it. Ram has been making better interiors over the years and its trucks don’t come anywhere near that kind of money. Or for a more direct comparison the Rivian R1T actually costs $90,000 in trim and rides and drives even better than the Lightning.

ford f 150 electric price

The good news is that Ford is backing Lightning. EV-specific parts come with an 8-year 100,000-mile warranty 3 years and 20,000 miles longer than the powertrain warranty on its combustion-powered F-150. Ford engineers also told us the Lightning experienced all the same durability The same torture test as any other F-150; in some cases the test is more rigorous just to make sure no one can say it’s a smaller vehicle.

Given the continued popularity of trucks in the U.S. it’s hard to underestimate how important it is for a segment leader like Ford to absolutely nail electric pickups. If Lightning is bad it could set the industry back years—or worse. Instead Ford has adapted to the occasion And built a great pickup truck that also happens to be a great electric car just to make sure it’s also designed with clever charging. Lightning is the truck we need when we need it.

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