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Kia sportage 2023 hybrid Pricing Detailed

The all-new Kia sportage 2023 has been completely redesigned and re-engineered to deliver an even more compelling combination of eye-catching design cutting-edge connectivity and advanced safety features. The fourth-generation Kia sportage 2023 is longer lower and wider than its predecessor with a sportier more athletic stance.

It also features an all-new interior design with high quality materials state-of-the-art technology and a host of advanced driver assistance systems.

Some trims cost less hybrids don’t cost as much and there are new options for off-road sports. Here’s some good news for any potential car buyer this year: While the 2023 Kia Sportage will see a price hike on the LX trim, prices will drop on the EX and SX trims.

In today’s ballooning market news of price cuts is rarely heard but the new Sportage has Four new versions have been added to the lineup; the SX Prestige X-Line X-Pro and X-Pro Prestige are both expected to replace the 2022 Sportage Nightfall Edition.

2023 kia sportage hybrid specs

The New Kia sportage 2023 Platform

Even if prices do drop on 2022 EX and SX trims Kia doesn’t seem to want to drop the fifth-gen Sportage. First the 2023 Sportage rides on Kia’s new N3 platform that underpins the Sorento. This not only increases the size of the Sportage but also adds more The strength and torsional stiffness of its chassis. There are also new sound-absorbing and insulating materials to reduce noise vibrations and harshness from road wind and the engine.

2022 kia sportage usa version

Kia sportage 2023 hybrid Standard Equipment

Standard equipment on the new 2023 Sportage includes a dual-panoramic curved display which Kia says seamlessly connects two screens for nearly 25-inch digital viewing as well as a large 360-degree surround view display with 3D views and live feeds Blind Spot View Monitor This dash board. The Sportage also offers eight standard Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features. For premium models such as the EX SX and X-Line as well as the X-Pro and both Prestige trims enhanced ADAS includes Forward Collision Avoidance (FCA) assist with intersection steering and Reverse Collision Assist is available.

Kia sportage 2023 hybrid Price

2023 kia sportage hybrid reviews

Even at base levels the 2023 Sportage LX’s $1,900 ($27,205) FWD hike and $2,200 ($29,005) AWD hike aren’t any worse than the 2022 ($25,305 and $26,805 respectively). Even the 2023 Sportage’s $1,800 all-wheel-drive premium isn’t as good as The cost in 2022 is $1500. Especially compared to many other CUVs in its range the increase is much larger. That’s enough to justify the fifth-generation Sportage’s new chassis and make you wonder how Kia did it.

On the other hand the prices of EX and SX have decreased compared to 2022. EX FWD was $29,205 was $29,605 AWD is now $31,005 was $31,105. While not a drop of more than $500 it was still a drop. The AWD premium is also the same as the LX ($1800) and is The price difference between 2023 and 2022 is the same (increased by $300).

2023 kia sportage hybrid price

Kia Sportage X-Line X-Pro and Prestige Trims

The 2022 Nightfall Edition will not return in 2023. In its place are X-Line and X-Pro trims and Prestige versions of the SX and X-Pro. The X-Line is AWD-only for $32,005 and the X-Pro is AWD-only for $36,205. X-Line incorporates a sporty feel Sportage looks and rugged and adds unique front and rear bumpers with satin chrome surrounds with side trim and a gloss black finish for the side mirrors roof rails and window surrounds. The rails for the roof rack have also been raised to provide better support for off-road-specific accessories. At last There is a set of 19-inch wheels made exclusively for the Sportage X-Line.

2022 kia sportage usa version

Kia designed the 2023 Sportage X-Pro to be more off-road than the X-Line. To meet this need the X-Pro comes with 17-inch matte black wheels that are as off-road-focused as the 17-inch BF Goodrich A/T tires. The roof is also available in a two-tone color treatment while Windshield washer nozzles are heated to help remove frost and ice in cold temperatures. To help you navigate unpaved roads the X-Pro is equipped with multi-terrain modes including Normal Sports Intelligence and Snow Mode.

2023 kia sportage hybrid reviews

Prestige versions of the SX and X-Pro offer a more upscale treatment with the X-Pro Prestige including ventilated front seats an eight-way power front passenger seat and LED fog lamps and available LED projector headlamps to get Better forward visibility. Sportage X-Pro Prestige $38,005 The SX Prestige is priced at $34,705 for FWD and $36,505 for the AWD version.

2023 kia sportage hybrid sx prestige

New Hybrid Doesn’t Mean Hi-Priced

In keeping with affordability, the 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid (the first PHEV offered on the nameplate) isn’t much higher than its gasoline-only counterpart. The Sportage LX FWD Hybrid starts at $28,545 which is just $1,340 more than the standard Sportage LX FWD.

If the buyer Preferring to drive all four wheels the surcharge from a conventional Sportage LX AWD to its PHEV analog is the same — $1,340 — at $30,345. The EX AWD Hybrids Premium step up is $100 cheaper at $1,240 with an MSRP of $32,245.

The only SX trim available for the Kia Sportage AWD Hybrid is the SX-Prestige which costs $37,445 just $940 more than the conventional SX-Prestige. For so little extra money and such impressive fuel economy (39 mpg) and range (closer to 500 miles on a full tank) it’s Oddly Kia doesn’t just make PHEVs for all SX-Prestige models.

Kia says the Sportage Hybrid PHEV will go on sale soon.

KIA sportage 2023

The all-new Kia Sportage 2023 is a bold and stylish SUV that turns heads wherever it goes. With its sleek design powerful engine and advanced safety features, the Sportage is a great choice for families and couples alike.

If you’re looking for an SUV that’s sure to turn heads, the Kia Sportage is the perfect choice.

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