The new Batmobile stunt car is a Tesla-powered 1968-70 Dodge Charger

Each new Batmobile is a fresh take on Bruce Wayne’s crime-solving journey. For the 2022 Batman starring Robert Pattinson the Batmobile began as a 1968-1970 Dodge Charger teenager Bruce Wayne competed in an underground street race. When Wayne becomes a masked vigilante he turns his old Muscle Car. For the film director Matt Reeves had three stunt cars with V8 engines and one with a Tesla drivetrain.

What kind of car is the 2022 batmobile

What kind of car is the new Batmobile?

The new Batmobile featured in the 2022 movie was originally a 1968-70 Dodge Charger. Bruce Wayne played by Robert Pattinson uses it as a street racer then modifies it to help him fight crime.

Batmobile from 2022’s – The Batman

The prequel to the 2022 Batman movie is actually a book. Before Batman: An Original Motion Picture Novel is Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman origin story. The young orphan repaired an old muscle car himself won some illegal street races and modified his car to go faster.

In a game where Riddler’s sabotage nearly kills one of Wayne’s rivals the young billionaire turns to crime-fighting. He modifies his old race car with armored weapons and afterburners to help him hunt down criminals.

Shot in the Batman movies this Batmobile features a massive tire suspension a rear-mounted V10 engine and swooping fender flares. This homemade widebody kit gives it Corvette strings or bat-like wings. But with all the modifications the car still has a roofline and windows 1968-70 Dodge Charger.

What is the new batmobile engine?

In the 2022 Batman movie Bruce Wayne removed the rear window and trunk of his Dodge Charger Batmobile to install a massive rear-mounted engine. It’s a Ford Triton V10 with a series of turbos and afterburners on the exhaust.

What is the new batmobile engine

Batmobile from 2022’s

Obviously this rear-mounted engine drives the massive Charger rear wheels via some form of transaxle. The setup is probably designed to improve weight distribution in larger cars and it also looks as hard as a nail.

The Charger Batmobile is reminiscent of the mid-engine Dodge Charger from Fast and Furious 9. It’s no surprise that Batman’s picture car team includes Fast and Furious 9 alumni: Nico Ferrari Nick Murray and Lil Gwynne-Thomas.

Bruce Wayne’s Dodge Charger didn’t start life as a rear-engine car. The top-of-the-line factory engines offered in the car include the 426 HEMI V8 designed for NASCAR or the low-compression high-displacement 440 HEMI V8 sought after by the hot rods.

The 2022 Batmobile still has side-exit exhausts in front of the doors and some kind of high-tech hood scoop. These modifications will all help the front engine breathe. Does this Batmobile have two engines? We just need to watch the movie to find out.

What kind of car is the 2022 batmobile?

Director Matt Reeves has commissioned four stunt cars built by second-generation Dodge Chargers for 2022’s Batman. A conventional V8 engine powers three stunt cars while one has a Tesla drivetrain.

Batmobile from 2022’s

What kind of car is the new Batmobile

For a 2022 release Warner Bros. held a screening at one of Batman’s filming locations. They turned the studio into a kind of museum with props costumes and vehicles used in the movie.

A private supercar collector with a youtube channel called “Rana65556” attended the premiere and toured the new Batmobile. His video is one of the closest to a new car’s appearance to date. Best of all someone on the film crew gave him the technical details of the stunt car.

Best of all someone on the film crew gave him the technical details of the stunt car

The crew could be Nico Ferrari or Nick Murray explaining that director Matt Reeves built four stunt cars for the car. Three — including the Batmobile at the premiere were built around a “650 bhp V8.”

One of them later had its engine removed “for gimbal rig work”. This means that an arm with a camera is mounted on the vehicle for panning shots of the vehicle and/or its occupants.

The fourth and final Batmobile featured a Tesla drivetrain. Why the Electric Muscle Car Batmobile? The crew revealed that they built a Batmobile EV “so it’s quiet: they can use it on stage and they can use it for night work.”

You can read Batman’s street racing history or watch a video of the Batmobile in the premiere below:

Check out more videos of the new Batmobile on display:

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