5 Best Drift Cars Of All Time

Best Drift Cars Of All Time Drift cars need plenty of power and traction from rear-wheel drive so we dug up a few models that fit that description perfectly.

Drifting is considered one of the most difficult motor sports that requires elite level driving skills. It’s also one of the most exhilarating motorsports. Drifting involves making quick turns with minimal speed loss and negotiating turns and corners while the car is driving sideways Get as much smoke as possible in the process.

Drift is a skill the two drivers are almost in sync and in complete harmony with their car it has stunning cornering inches of perfect cornering skill and jaw-dropping speed and agility. Drift is of course about the skill of the driver but the way the car is built is about the handling Ability and agility also play an important role in becoming a successful drifting champion. Here are some of the best sports cars you can use to drift.

5 Lexus IS300 – best drift cars cheap

As affectionately mentioned in Japan’s homegrown racing circles the Altezza may be the only car on this list with a lower power-to-weight ratio. However the vehicle makes up for this shortcoming by being highly customizable.

Lexus IS300 - best drift cars cheap
Lexus IS300 – best drift cars cheap

One of the other advantages of the Lexus IS300 is that it is affordable and easy to use making it one of the easiest cars to customize and tune into a full-blown drift car. It’s heavy but it can be built into a great drifting beast.

4 Nissan Skyline -popular drift cars

Nissan’s pedigree as a potent drift car has never been questioned. With three Nissans on the list it’s clear that Nissan’s chassis is well-balanced and perfect for drift racing. In addition to the special frame and customizable features the Skyline comes with A powerful turbocharged inline-six engine producing 280 horsepower.

4 Nissan Skyline -popular drift cars
4 Nissan Skyline -popular drift cars

With even weight distribution and excellent handling this car is a well-known drifting demigod on the drift track.

3 Mazda RX-7 – best drift cars in fh5

For a ’90s coupe the Mazda RX-7 was sure to make waves in the racing industry. The RX-7’s performance on the track is almost legendary and the previous-generation vehicle was actually a premium brand that sold quite a lot.

Mazda RX-7 - best drift cars in fh5
Mazda RX-7 – best drift cars in fh5

The RX-7 is powered by a twin-turbocharged rotary engine that puts out 237 horsepower and 218 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm. Very adjustable and with a large selection of aftermarket parts the RX-7 is a solid choice for drifters.

2 Toyota Corolla AE86 – best drift cars under 10k

The AE86 definitely deserves credit for turning the Drift into what it is today. The car is famous in the Japanese manga/anime Initial D and it is driven by the main character Takumi a tofu delivery man drifting in Akina Yamaguchi. Another famous Hachi-Roku owner is Racer Keiichi Tsuchiya is also known as the Drift King.

Toyota Corolla AE86 - best drift cars under 10k
Toyota Corolla AE86 – best drift cars under 10k

The Corolla AE86 features a front naturally aspirated 4A-GE 1.6-liter inline-four that sends 125 horsepower to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential. Due to its cult-like status prices have skyrocketed and the Hachi-Roku is now out of reach for all but the wealthiest gearheads. it’s a shame Because few cars are as fun and charming as this square wedge-shaped little car with pop-up headlights.

1 Lexus SC400 – remote control drift car

The Lexus SC400 might just be the perfect drift car. The only downside we can think of is that it can be a bit on the heavy side. This RWD drift beast packs a massive front-mounted 4.3-liter V8 that produces nearly 300 galloping horses which means it’s more than capable of some sideways action.

Toyota Corolla AE86 - best drift cars under 10k
Toyota Corolla AE86 – best drift cars under 10k

Perhaps the best part is that it’s available for a handful of dollars as even relatively clean examples can be had for between $5,000 and $10,000. The car is even so luxurious and refined that it can easily be used as a daily driver in addition to weekend track duties.

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