A new leak shows details of a 2023 toyota supra manual trim level equipped

Details about the 2023 Toyota Supra’s manual transmission option have been leaked but will it be available overseas? Car enthusiasts met the return of the iconic Toyota Supra with some backlash. There were complaints about its BMW involvement styling and engine choice. However the criticism that stands out is its lack of availability with a manual transmission.

Will the 2023 Supra have a manual transmission
Will the 2023 Supra have a manual transmission

Although there are recent rumors that a manual option may soon be available the evidence isn’t entirely convincing.

Will the 2023 Supra have a manual transmission?

2021 Toyota Supra A91 Launch Edition | Toyota

Recently Road and Track addressed some leaked images that show potential details of the new manual transmission Supra. They even went as far as to say it’s “almost definitely” happening. According to the post a Toyota insider hinted that the manual allegations have merit. So at this point the odds of seeing a manual transmission offering for 2023 Supra models are looking pretty dang good!

Toyota has not yet confirmed or denied this information. However the leaked images show a rollout timeline. A press release is scheduled for April 28th 2022 announcing the six-speed manual transmission offering. Furthermore the leak also shows a proposed production start in July 2022 with cars shipping to dealerships and customers in October.

Please keep in mind that this information is not yet confirmed. All we can do for now is hope that it’s accurate! The leak also doesn’t seem to show any signs of a four-cylinder manual transmission offering. This unfortunately would mean that there may not be a manual transmission 2023 Toyota Supra in a similar price range to the 2023 Nissan Z.

Nissan has confirmed that the Z will have a manual transmission and a starting price of around $40,000 but they have yet to release any specific details on trim levels or which models will and will not have a manual transmission available. Needless to say between the Supra Nissan Z and Acura Integra Japanese manufacturers have us all anxiously waiting for details.

A new Special Edition Supra with a manual transmission is set to appear in the leak for the 2022 Toyota Supra.

Alongside the manual transmission release the leak also details a special edition Supra for the 2023 model year. The 2023 Toyota Supra RZ Matte White Edition will apparently have a variety of features unique to this special edition according to the leak.

A new Special Edition Supra with a manual also appears in the leak
A new Special Edition Supra with a manual also appears in the leak

A matte avalanche white metallic paint job and an exclusive tan leather interior are included. Moreover it supposedly has a wireless charging system a USB charging terminal and an “ornament for special-purpose vehicles” on the passenger side instrument panel. I have no idea what that last one means!

The final note on the specs for the Matte White Edition is an increased price of 550,000 yen (about $4,700 USD) compared to a standard Supra RZ the alleged trim with a manual transmission. The additional cost for the special edition isn’t the concern but the pricing displayed in yen is.

If this is a genuine leak from Toyota’s systems it probably means that it’s from a Japanese employee. So if this info is accurate it doesn’t necessarily mean that the manual transmission will be an option worldwide. 

Will a manual 2023 Supra come to the US?

Although it’s impossible to know for sure it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that the U.S gets left out of a cool Japanese vehicle offering. Sometimes that’s just the way it is. All we can do now is watch and hope that these leaks are true. If they are it might be time for all those folks who claimed they’d move to Japan if the Supra came back to finally make good on their promise. buy a manual version to put their money where their mouth is!

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